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At Ecoinomy, our mission is clear – to make cryptocurrencies accessible and easy to understand for everyone. We believe that with the right knowledge and awareness, the complexities of crypto become straightforward, and the perceived risks can transform into safety.

Our Journey

Our journey began in 2019, with a deep-rooted passion for demystifying the digital currencies. Starting as specialized websites in various European communities, we focused on making crypto and blockchain understandable at a local level. In 2023, we evolved into Ecoinomy.eu, uniting our expertise to create a comprehensive, accessible platform for crypto knowledge.

A Word from Our Founder

deanHello, I’m Dean, the founder of Ecoinomy. I’ve witnessed firsthand how daunting Bitcoin can be at first. That’s why our website is here – to guide you through this experience and make sure you have the confidence and clarity to join this revolution. 

Just like any innovation, understanding is the key to embracing it. With the right knowledge, what may seem complex becomes straightforward, and what may feel risky becomes safe.

I’m proud to lead a team dedicated to empowering individuals with the knowledge they need for Bitcoin and blockchain.

Our mission is clear – to make cryptocurrencies accessible and easy to understand for everyone. Join us and see how simple it can be!

Warm regards,

Dean Decho

Our Achievements and Commitment

Our site, recognized as the best .eu website in 2023 by EURid, offers comprehensive education and resources on how digital currencies work, helping people get started with buying, trading, and using cryptocurrencies.

We believe in financial freedom for everyone, and bitcoin, along with its underlying technology, the blockchain, makes this more achievable than ever before.

You will find a variety of useful and up-to-date tips on our site to help you learn more about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Our mission is to spread knowledge about these topics to as wide an audience as possible.


We create unbiased reviews, overviews, and comparisons of the best trading providers, cryptocurrency exchanges, and cryptocurrency wallets to help newcomers navigate this exciting space. With over a decade of experience in the financial industry, we are well-equipped to guide you in your first steps into cryptocurrencies. Join the Ecoinomy community!

Please note that we are proud partners with some of the instruments mentioned on our site. This means that if you click on a link to an instrument and make a purchase, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Our recommendations are based on our experience and knowledge of these companies and their products. We only recommend them if they are truly useful, and not for the commission we might receive. Please do not spend money on these products if you do not believe they will help you achieve your goals.

Our core principles

  1. Providing the tools and knowledge for everyone to take control of their financial future through Bitcoin.
  2. Recognizing Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as groundbreaking technologies that revolutionize our approach to finance, rather than quick schemes to wealth.

Our editorial is international


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Gianluca Lombardi italian flag circle 

Gianluca is the editor-in-chief of this site and is also managing our Italian branch. A finance graduate, he is an active trader who has tested all trading platforms and knows all their secrets. Trading and investing are his passion. Gianluca enjoys learning new things, researching, discussing and writing about technology, especially when it comes to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Gianluca graduated in Economics and Finance from Bocconi University, specialising in financial markets. His career led him to work with several international trading platforms, gaining a deep and first-hand knowledge of market dynamics.

He has written numerous influential articles on trading, investing and the revolutionary potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. His works are widely respected not only by fellow experts, but are also used as valuable guides for budding traders trying to navigate this complex field.

Today, Gianluca is a sought-after advisor, lending his expertise to companies and individuals interested in trading and investing. He is also an active participant in academic and industry discourse, frequently speaking at conferences and participating in panel discussions. His deep understanding of trading, investing, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, combined with his ability to clearly communicate this knowledge, has established Gianluca Lombardi as one of the leading figures in the world of cryptocurrency trading.


Bild des Autors

Ben Seidel deutscher Fahnenkreis

Ben is the lead writer and editor for the German pages of Ecoinomy, specialising in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Ben combines academic insight with practical experience in crypto investing and trading.

At Ecoinomy, Ben is instrumental in developing content covering Bitcoin fundamentals, trading strategies and market predictions.

Beyond writing, Ben contributes to Ecoinomy’s strategy to become the leading crypto content platform in Europe. He is also a regular speaker at various cryptocurrency conferences, where he shares his expertise in an easy-to-understand and engaging way.


Author Image

Marcin Woźniak polish flag circle 

Marcin is a distinguished graduate of the esteemed Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland, where he obtained his degree in Financial Technology. Known for its world-class curriculum, the university’s unique program bridges the gap between technology and finance, equipping students with comprehensive knowledge in emerging financial technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrency.

In addition to his impressive academic and professional background, Marcin carries with him a deep commitment to making the world of digital finance more accessible to all. He constantly seeks to demystify the often complex landscape of cryptocurrencies for our readers. His dedication to the cause is visible not only in his insightful articles but also in his interactive webinars and workshops that he hosts regularly for our community. Regardless of the platform, Marcin’s primary goal remains consistent: to help others navigate the evolving world of cryptocurrencies with confidence and ease.


Author Image

Konstantin Kostov bulgarian flag circle

Konstantin is in charge of our Bulgarian content. He stands as one of the leading Bulgarian sources of information on blockchain and the overall Bitcoin economy. Having produced some of the most valuable articles on this website, Konstantin’s insights have enlightened many readers about the intricate world of cryptocurrencies.

First introduced to Bitcoin and blockchain in 2016, Konstantin has since devoted himself to understanding and elucidating these complex subjects. His fascination for finance and futuristic technologies drives him to dive deeper into the implications these developments have on society as a whole.

In his leisure time, Konstantin enjoys reading books about finance and future technologies, with a special interest in exploring how new technologies impact society at large.

His blend of expertise, dedication, and ability to articulate complex subjects in a manner that’s both informative and accessible has made Konstantin Kostov a go-to authority in the Bitcoin economy within the Bulgarian community.


Author Image

Michele D’Angelo italian flag circle 

Michele is a renowned expert on Bitcoin and blockchain technology. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, specialising in the algorithmic aspects of blockchain.

Michele spent the first years of his career in Silicon Valley, gaining first-hand experience on the dynamics of cryptocurrencies and their impact on global finance. His insights from these years have proved invaluable and he has shared this knowledge through various channels.

He has written numerous influential and highly respected articles on the inner workings of cryptocurrencies, their potential for social change and the complexities of blockchain technology. His works are not only revered by experts in the field, but also serve as accessible guides for beginners trying to find their way around this complex field.

Today, Michele is a much sought-after consultant, lending her expertise to companies exploring digital currencies. He also contributes to academic and industry discourse, frequently speaking at conferences and participating in panel discussions. His deep understanding of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, combined with his ability to clearly communicate this knowledge, has established Michele D’Angelo as a leading authority in the crypto world.


Author Image

Salvatore Ricci italian flag circle 

Salvatore Ricci perfectly combines his passion for writing and Bitcoin in his daily work. In his role on this website, Salvatore covers Bitcoin-related news, both in Italian and English. He has a firm belief that Bitcoin will have a revolutionary impact on the world as we know it and wants to be at the forefront of this change.

A native Italian, Salvatore has resided in the United States for several years. His academic and professional background between Europe and America gives him a unique perspective on the global dynamics of cryptocurrency.

Salvatore has produced a number of insightful articles on Bitcoin, its development and transformative potential. His analyses and insights are widely respected and cited, both by industry experts and those seeking to understand this evolving field.

Today, Salvatore is a renowned consultant, offering his expertise to those seeking to understand the impact and potential of Bitcoin. He actively participates in the cryptocurrency debate, presenting at conferences and participating in panel discussions.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing the guitar and spending time with his family. This passion for music and family, combined with his dedication to writing and Bitcoin, makes Salvatore Ricci an influential and distinctive voice in the world of Bitcoin.


Marek Matoušek czech flag circle 

Marek is an experienced cryptocurrency investor and blockchain technology enthusiast. He first discovered Bitcoin in 2016 and quickly became enthralled by its revolutionary potential.

Since then, he has actively researched, invested in, and traded major digital assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and DeFi tokens. Marek enjoys exploring the impact of blockchain technology across finance, business, and society.

He is a voracious reader especially interested in futurology and the social implications of transformative innovations like crypto and AI. As an early adopter of Bitcoin, Marek takes a long-term perspective on the space and is excited by the promise of an open, decentralized internet of value.

When he’s not on the screen, Marek enjoys hiking in nature, learning new languages, and spending time with family and friends. He hopes to use his knowledge, experience, and enthusiastic teaching style to make the world of blockchain more accessible to newcomers.


Vanessa Çelik turkish flag circle 

Vanessa plays a dual role as our Content Coordinator and Localization Assistant, providing invaluable support to our team of authors.

She coordinates the flow and organization of content and ensures that all materials are timely and efficiently prepared for the localization process.

In her localization support role, Vanessa aids in adapting content for various language audiences. She works closely with the authors to maintain the accuracy and relevance of our multilingual resources. Her contributions are essential to the seamless delivery of high-quality, culturally resonant content to our global audience.

Independence and Impartiality

Ecoinomy is devoted to independent, impartial, and equitable journalism. Our editorial content remains unaffected by our advertisers. Every Ecoinomy author and contributor is held accountable to a rigorous standard of honesty and transparency.

We uphold a strict division between advertising and editorial content. Our “Sponsored Content” is distinctly marked to clarify that this content is provided by or on behalf of an advertiser or sponsor.

Consistent with our goal to offer invaluable information that educates readers about the intricate world of cryptocurrency and blockchain, we are committed to publishing unbiased, thorough reviews of crypto platforms, tools, and services. Our reviews are entirely independent and founded on deep research and analysis. While Ecoinomy may earn commissions from purchases made through “affiliate links” within our content, we never receive any compensation or consideration for the content of our recommendations.

All our authors have the responsibility to disclose any potential conflicts of interest that might influence their objectivity in delivering transparent information. We are forthright and make it known whenever any valuable products, services, or tokens are provided to our editorial teams. Our editorial team must never solicit gifts, tokens, or services for personal gain.

Crypto Tool & Platform Reviews

As crypto enthusiasts, we’re consistently exploring the best tools, platforms, and services in the crypto space effectively. At Ecoinomy, we meticulously research and curate our lists of recommendations, always seeking the latest innovations in the crypto and blockchain space.

While we may receive an affiliate commission on certain products, our allegiance is to our readers and not to any particular brand or service.

Furthermore, we pledge to ensure our content resonates with the diversity of our readership.

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