Best Crypto Analysis Tools to Step Up Your Trading Game in 2024

Gianluca Lombardi, 7 min read
Last Updated: 7 November, 2023

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Quick Summary

  • Cryptocurrency market has grown exponentially, driving demand for advanced analytics and trading tools
  • Main features include pricing, charts, portfolio management, trading signals, on-chain analysis, sentiment, auditing, tax tools
  • Where to track overall market and individual cryptocurrencies
  • Technical analysis tools
  • Tools aim to enhance investment decisions, maximize returns, and simplify tax reporting

Introduction to Crypto Analysis Tools

As a long-time in the crypto trading business and industry expert since 2017, I have relied extensively on advanced analytics tools to enhance my trading strategies and investment performance. With over 2 million cryptocurrencies now listed on CoinMarketCap, the need for robust crypto analysis tools has never been greater.

In this guide, I’ll provide an overview of the key features, use cases, and leading providers in the crypto analysis tools space. I have researched extensively and tested many of the top solutions, so I can provide insider tips on how to select the right platforms based on your needs and skill level. The best tools are adaptable, allowing you to analyze anything from bluechip Bitcoin and Ethereum to the latest animal-themed meme tokens.

As an authority on crypto trading tools, I have helped thousands find the right solutions to elevate their investment strategies. This article explores the core functionalities available and providers to consider.

Types of Best Crypto Tools

In our exploration, we’ll use an array of specialized tools that have become indispensable in the crypto industry. We’ve curated a selection of the finest instruments in the field, segmenting them into four essential categories.

Let’s examine these categories and the standout tools they offer, setting the stage for a deeper dive into the mechanics and utility that each brings to the table.

  1. On-Chain Analysis Tools:
    • Focused on extracting and examining blockchain data, these tools provide metrics such as transaction and trading volumes, wallet activities, and token movement analysis.
  2. Social Sentiment and Market Sentiment Analysis Tools:
    • These tools analyze the mood and opinions of the market by monitoring social media platforms, forums, and crypto news sources to predict potential market movements.
  3. Technical Analysis and Charting Tools:
    • These platforms offer interactive charts with various technical indicators and tools for traders to analyze market trends and make predictions based on historical price data.
  4. Portfolio Management and Tracking Tools:
    • These tools are designed to help investors track and manage their cryptocurrency holdings, offering features such as asset allocation, performance tracking, and integration with exchanges and wallets for a comprehensive view of one’s investment landscape.

Leading Providers of Crypto Research Tools

With so many platforms now available, I want to highlight some of the leading providers of crypto analysis tools that I have used extensively.

On-Chain Analysis Tools

Glassnode: In-Depth On-Chain Data and Metrics

glassnode bitcoin on exchanges graph

Glassnode is renowned for its comprehensive on-chain data and analytics platform.

Key features:

  • Detailed metrics on address activity, transaction volumes, and wallet balances.
  • Sophisticated indicators like the Network Value to Transactions ratio (NVT) and Stock-to-Flow model.
  • Visualization of blockchain data to identify market conditions and trends.
  • User behavior analysis including hodl waves and coin maturation.

Glassnode offers insights into the blockchain ecosystem, serving investors, analysts, and traders who need high-fidelity on-chain data.

CryptoQuant: Quantitative Metrics for Strategic Trading

cryptoquant - Exchange Reserve - All Exchanges

CryptoQuant specializes in exchange data and metrics for quantitative analysis.

Key features:

  • Metrics on exchange flows, whale transactions, miner behavior
  • Volatility and correlation indicators
  • On-chain and social analytics data feeds
  • Customizable dashboard to build strategies

CryptoQuant provides the data for in-depth quantitative crypto analysis.

Santiment: Crypto Analytics and Social Analysis Combined

santiment are traders in profit or loss graph

Santiment is a behavior analytics platform for cryptocurrencies, focusing on market sentiment.

Key features:

  • Social volume and sentiment analysis to gauge market mood.
  • In-depth data on token circulation, exchange inflows/outflows, and network growth.
  • Customizable watchlists and signal alerts for tracking key metrics.
  • Multifaceted approach combining on-chain, social, and development information.

Santiment delivers a holistic view of the crypto market by blending on-chain metrics with social listening tools.

Coin Metrics: Comprehensive Crypto Research Market Data

Coin Metrics provides analytics and data services for blockchain networks.

Key features:

  • Comprehensive network data, including transaction count, fees, and unique addresses.
  • Market data integration for price, volume, and liquidity analysis.
  • Asset profiles with insights into the utility and health of various cryptocurrencies.
  • Community data tools for investors to create their own metrics and benchmarks.

Coin Metrics offers institutional-grade data and insights, making it a valuable resource for those requiring a deep dive into market and network analytics.

IntoTheBlock: Analytics for Precision-Driven Cryptocurrency Trading

IntoTheBlock is a data science company that leverages machine learning and statistical modeling to deliver actionable intelligence for crypto asset trading. The platform stands out for its comprehensive set of tools that dissect the complexities of blockchain data into insightful analysis.

intotheblock daily active addresses

Key features:

  • Ownership Statistics: Provides detailed data on the concentration of large holders and their influence on the market, as well as insight into the distribution of smaller holders.
  • In-and-Out of the Money: Analyzes the current state of each address’s holdings and whether they are in profit or loss, based on the current asset price.
  • Transactions Greater Than $100k: Monitors large cryptocurrency transactions to identify potential market-moving trades by whales or institutional players.
  • Net Network Growth: Measures the health and growth of a cryptocurrency by analyzing the number of new addresses minus the number of addresses that go to zero.
  • Average Balance of Addresses: Breaks down the average holding size of addresses to gauge investor sentiment and behavior.
  • Bid-Ask Volume Imbalance: Uses exchange order book data to provide insights into buying and selling pressure.

IntoTheBlock provides granular, data-driven insights that can empower traders and investors to make more informed decisions by interpreting complex on-chain data and market signals.

Nansen – Token Flows and Blockchain Intelligence

Nansen provides advanced on-chain and financial analysis for Ethereum and BSC.

Key features:

  • Track and visualize on-chain flows
  • Whale tracking based on transaction analysis
  • Valuation models for protocols and tokens
  • Proprietary signals for detecting trends

Nansen focuses on in-depth blockchain analytics for DeFi.

Social Sentiment and Market Sentiment Analysis Tools

LunarCrush – Social Research Tool

LunarCrush offers social listening and sentiment analytics for cryptocurrencies.

Key features:

  • Social engagement data across platforms like Twitter and Reddit
  • Sentiment analytics using AI/NLP on crypto discussions
  • Leaderboards ranking crypto by social volume and sentiment
  • Alerts for coins seeing surges in social activity

For traders, social trends can highlight rising and falling crypto projects.

WhaleAlert – Signals When Whales and Institutions are Moving Funds

WhaleAlert provides real-time tracking of large cryptocurrency transactions and suspicious activity.

whale alert transaction data

Key features:

  • Live feed of large transactions above $10 million
  • Transaction tracking for bitcoin, Ethereum, and 100+ coins
  • Tools to identify price manipulation, hacking, and fraud

WhaleAlert gives traders valuable insights into when whales and institutions are moving funds, signaling potential price impacts.

Technical Analysis and Charting Tools


Coinigy provides a unified trading terminal for accessing over 45 exchanges via one account.

Key features:

  • trade on multiple exchanges from a single interface
  • unified order book, charting, asset hub
  • portfolio tracking across exchanges
  • API access, alerts, trading bots

Coinigy simplifies managing positions across decentralized exchanges.

TradingView – Advanced Charting and Technical Analysis

TradingView is one of the most advanced charting and trading platforms for professionals. Covering stocks, futures, forex, and hundreds of cryptocurrencies, key features include:

  • Advanced interactive charts with 100+ indicators
  • Ability to publish and share chart analysis
  • Backtesting strategies by applying indicators on historical charts
  • Long-term and intraday analysis from 1 minute to monthly timeframes
  • Custom screeners and price alerts for trade ideas

Optimized for technical analysis, tool like TradingView is used by day traders, hedge funds, and media organizations. The platform supports trading directly from charts via brokerage integrations. The free plan is limited, while paid plans provide more indicators, faster data, and increased usage.

This list just scratches the surface of the platforms I rely on daily for market intelligence, portfolio tracking, technical analysis, and more as a professional crypto investor. New solutions are also emerging focused specifically on analytics for blockchain data, DeFi platforms, NFT markets, and other novel use cases.

Portfolio Management and Tracking Tools


CoinStats is a popular multi-exchange portfolio manager and tracker supporting over 10,000 cryptocurrencies.

coinstats analysis tool

Key features:

  • Connect all your exchanges & wallets in one dashboard
  • Tracking of balances, transactions, profit & loss, and more
  • Price alerts, news, market data, social sentiment tracking
  • Apps for mobile & desktop access

I rely on CoinStats daily to easily track my portfolio across 10+ exchanges instead of jumping between accounts. The intuitive interface makes it simple to quickly view your consolidated holdings, returns, and trading history.

Delta Investment Tracker: Comprehensive Portfolio Management

Delta Investment Tracker is a portfolio tracking application that allows users to manage and track their cryptocurrency investments, as well as traditional financial instruments. It provides a clear overview of the performance of an individual’s total investment portfolio across various asset classes.

delta app crypto analysis tool

Key features:

  • Multi-Asset Support: Tracks a wide range of assets, including cryptocurrencies, stocks, and bonds.
  • Synced Exchanges and Wallets: Automatically syncs with a variety of crypto exchanges and wallets for real-time data monitoring.
  • Live Market Data: Offers live access to market data and investment values, with updates on the performance of assets held.
  • Asset Analysis: Provides in-depth information on each asset, including the latest news and detailed price charts.
  • Portfolio Analytics: Analyzes the performance of investments, including profit/loss and the overall value of the portfolio over time.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed for ease of use, the app presents data in a clear, concise manner, suitable for both beginners and experienced investors.
  • Privacy and Security: Prioritizes user privacy and security, employing encryption to safeguard personal and financial information.

Delta Investment Tracker aims to deliver a seamless and intuitive experience for investors looking to keep close tabs on their cryptocurrency holdings alongside traditional investments.

Key Factors When Selecting Best Crypto Analysis Tools

With the right tools in place, both casual investors and professional traders can amplify their success. However, here are some key factors I recommend keeping in mind when selecting providers:

  • Security – Platforms should use encryption, 2FA, and cold storage to protect accounts and data
  • Compliance – Leading firms have KYC/AML protocols for larger accounts
  • Data Coverage – Wider market intelligence across both top coins and alt-coins
  • Ease of Use – Intuitive interfaces for your experience level
  • Adaptability – Support for rapidly evolving sectors like DeFi, NFTs, and DAOs
  • Customer Support – Responsive team to help troubleshoot issues
  • Cost – Consider free plans to test, then paid subscriptions for power users
  • Integrations – With hardware wallets, exchanges, applications
  • Reputation & Reviews – Trusted platforms recommended by other experts

No solution is perfect across all dimensions, so focus on your unique priorities and needs when comparing options. My recommended approach is to start with 1-2 free tools, then upgrade to premium plans with more capabilities once you start more actively managing a portfolio or trading.


The cryptocurrency industry has seen explosive growth over the past few years. However, effectively tracking, analyzing, and trading hundreds of emerging cryptos remains highly complex. This guide explored the key types of crypto analysis tools now available along with leading solutions to consider across various use cases.

As an authority on crypto trading, my advice for newcomers is to begin simply. Over time you can link exchange accounts and wallets into portfolio managers like CoinStats to better track your holdings. As you advance, platforms like TradingView provides professional-grade charting, backtesting, automation, and data capabilities.

The top crypto traders rely on a combination of tools to enhance their market intelligence, technical analysis, and ability to act on high-probability opportunities. With the right solutions in place, you can simplify workflows, mitigate risks, and ultimately execute better informed investment decisions.

Gianluca Lombardi

Gianluca is the editor-in-chief of this site. A finance graduate, he is an active trader who has tested all trading platforms and knows all their secrets. Technology is his passion; he spends much of his free time in the metaverse. Gianluca loves learning new things, researching, discussing and writing about technology, especially when it comes to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.