The Top 10 List: Best Crypto Traders to Follow in 2024

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Last Updated: 25 October, 2023

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In today’s digital age, the crypto market offers a mix of risk and opportunity. High volatility can mean big profits, but it also makes the market complex and challenging.

In addition to having a strong trading plan, surrounding yourself with successful individuals in the field offers new insights and give you a competitive edge.

In 2023, the most accessible instrument for this kind of networking is the internet. And when it comes to finding pools of smart people sharing their experience, X (twitter) stands out as the best place to look for them.

Which is the Best Crypto Trader Twitter Account to Follow?

In this article, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 crypto traders that made a strong impression over the years to me sharing their insights across Twitter, YouTube, and other platforms in 2023.

1. Chris Dunn – @ChrisDunnTV

Chris Dunn X

I follow Chris Dunn since 2017 and what is the most impressive is his long-term, fundamentals-focused approach to Bitcoin investing.

Chris is an entrepreneur and his YouTube channel is subscribed by over 212,000 currently.

Dunn takes more mid-to-long Bitcoin trades and examines factors like cycle trends and ranges.

His perspective helps new investors build profitable yet balanced portfolios.

Follow Chris Dunn:

2. Scott Melker – @scottmelker

Scott Melker X

Scott Melker, also known as The Wolf Of All Streets, was a DJ before becoming a crypto trader and investor. He takes a technical analysis approach to trading cryptocurrencies.

I read his newsletters daily since early 2021 which was back then paid subscription but now it is free with a bit of advertising in the emails.

Scott specialized in chart patterns and indicators like:

    • Fibonacci
    • Volume
    • Moving averages
  • Momentum oscillators
  • Pitchforks
  • Candlestick formations

He was really good into finding shitcoin breakouts.

He is not much focused on trading right now and is more active on Twitter spaces and Youtube daily episodes interviewing some of the top experts in the world of finance.

Join his over 900,000 Twitter followers:

3. Bitcoin Jack – @BTC_JackSparrow

Bitcoin Jack X

Bitcoin Jack is a cryptocurrency trader known for nailing precise tops and bottoms. He rose to prominence by calling big swings in Bitcoin’s price.

Jack specializes in analyzing:

  • Chart patterns
  • Volume
  • Moving averages
  • Momentum oscillators
  • Elliot wave theory

He shares setups and targets for short-term trades with his over 244,000 X followers. Jack frequently narrows down price levels days in advance.

Reasons Bitcoin Jack became a respected crypto trading account:

  • Track record of accurate calls – Has hit exact tops and bottoms repeatedly.
  • Disciplined trading – Sets tight stop losses, takes quick profits.
  • Sharing knowledge – Explains setups clearly for followers to learn.
  • Adaptability – Trades both bull and bear markets well.

For traders focused on short-term price action, Bitcoin Jack delivers frequent (maybe not so frequent nowadays) and insightful chart analysis. His precision trading has built credibility within the crypto space.

Follow Bitcoin Jack:

4. Josh Olszewicz – @CarpeNoctom

Josh Olszewicz X

Josh Olszewicz is a crypto analyst and trader who rose to prominence during the 2017 bull market. He takes an analytical approach to trading crypto.

Olszewicz incorporates analysis of:

  • Global macro trends
  • On-chain data
  • Social metrics
  • Chart patterns
  • Indicators

He provides market insights to over 146,000 X followers. Olszewicz also writes in-depth crypto research reports.

For a crypto perspective encompassing both fundamentals and technicals, Josh Olszewicz delivers valuable insights. His multifaceted analysis makes him worth following.

Follow Josh Olszewicz:

5. TechDev – @TechDev_52

TehDev X

TechDev is a blockchain engineer and crypto trader known for his analysis of Bitcoin cycles. He uses on-chain metrics and technicals to make prescient market calls.

Some of the indicators TechDev analyzes include:

  • Blockchain data
  • Network momentum
  • Hash rates
  • Active addresses
  • Chart patterns

He shares insights on Bitcoin price cycles with his 420,000 Twitter followers. TechDev aims to explain market movements using verifiable blockchain data.

Aspects that make TechDev’s analysis unique:

  • On-chain focus – Prioritizes network data over price charts.
  • Cycles perspective – Maps blockchain metrics to recurring market cycles.
  • Multidisciplinary approach – Combines fundamentals and technicals.
  • Data-driven arguments– Quantifies analysis with blockchain statistics.

For a crypto perspective grounded in measurable blockchain activity, TechDev delivers insightful and in-depth analysis worth following.

Follow TechDev:

6. Will Clemente – @WClementeIII

Will Clemente X

Will Clemente is lead insights analyst at Blockware Solutions and a top on-chain analyst. He examines blockchain data to gain an informational edge in crypto markets.

Some on-chain signals Clemente analyzes include:

  • Exchange flows
  • Active addresses
  • Transaction volumes
  • Miner metrics
  • Supply distribution

Clemente shares crypto insights with over 690,000 X followers. He distills blockchain data into actionable intelligence for investors.

Aspects that make Clemente’s analysis unique:

  • Specialist in on-chain analysis – Career focused on blockchain data science.
  • Proprietary metrics and models – Develops advanced on-chain indicators.
  • Multidisciplinary approach – Combines on-chain data with market analysis.
  • Long-term perspective – Maps on-chain trends to market cycles.

For those focused on blockchain activity over hype, Clemente delivers data-backed crypto insights worth following.

His on-chain charts and analysis might seem overwhelming at first, but once you start to understand the data points and metrics he uses, they become invaluable resources.

Follow Will Clemente:

7. Rekt Capital – @rektcapital

Rekt Capital X

Rekt Capital is an anonymous altcoin crypto trader known for concise and insightful chart analysis. With over 360,000 Twitter followers, he provides valuable trading perspective.

Rekt Capital specializes in:

  • Chart patterns
  • Trendlines
  • Candlestick analysis
  • Moving averages
  • Volume indicators

Sometimes too bearish for my taste, but other times hits it really well.  He summarizes market movements into easily digestible takeaways. The account frequently anticipates price action with pinpoint accuracy.

Aspects that make Rekt Capital worth following:

  • Concise analysis – Sums up market shifts in just a few charts.
  • Strong track record – Numerous prescient calls on price action.
  • Trader education – Explains strategies, psychology, risk management.
  • Full-time trading focus – Market analysis and education as a career.

Follow Rekt Capital:

8. Christopher Inks – @ChristopherInks

Christopher Inks X

Christopher Inks is a crypto trader, analyst, and founder of TexasWest Capital. He takes a data-driven approach to analyzing digital asset markets.

Inks specializes in metrics like:

  • On-chain data
  • Funding rates
  • Options flow
  • Sentiment and volatility indicators
  • Chart patterns

He shares insights with over 70,000 Twitter followers. Inks aims to quantify market edge based on statistically significant data.

Aspects that make Inks’ insights unique:

  • Multidisciplinary strategy – Combines macro, fundamental and technical analysis.
  • Trading edge focus – Seeks quantifiable indicators outside the mainstream.
  • Seasoned experience – Background trading traditional markets since 1990s.
  • Global perspective – Exposure to international crypto markets.

For a crypto perspective combining data resources, Christopher Inks provides in-depth yet actionable analysis and is one of the top crypto traders out there.

Follow Christopher Inks:

9. TheChartGuys – @TheChartGuys

Chart Guys X

TheChartGuys is a trading community and education platform led by crypto expert Dan. They focus heavily on technical analysis in crypto markets.

TheChartGuys specialize in:

Dan shares trading insights with over 70,000 Twitter followers. The platform also has over 134,000 YouTube subscribers.

Reasons TheChartGuys deliver valuable crypto analysis:

  • Specialized TA knowledge – Expertise in diverse charting techniques.
  • Trading psychology – Insights on controlling emotions and bias.
  • Ongoing learning – Strive to continually improve analysis and strategy.
  • Full-time dedication – Charting and trading as a career focus.

For focused technical analysis and trader education, TheChartGuys provide consistent insights across social platforms.

Follow TheChartGuys:

10. Carl Eric Martin (The Moon) – @themooncarl

Carl From The Moon X

Known as The Moon, Carl Eric Martin is a YouTube crypto influencer with over 1.35 million X followers. He takes a long-term, fundamentals-focused approach to investing in cryptocurrencies.

Some factors Martin analyzes include:

  • On-chain data
  • Project roadmaps
  • Network development activity
  • Macroeconomic trends

He closely tracks metrics like active addresses and transaction volumes. Martin also interviews crypto founders and developers on upcoming milestones.

Reasons to follow The Moon’s crypto insights:

  • Long-term portfolio strategy – Prioritizes project utility over trading gains.
  • In-depth research – Does deep dives on project teams and roadmaps.
  • Founder interviews – Gets firsthand details from crypto builders.
  • Nuanced takes – Balances skepticism with optimism on projects.

Beyond YouTube, Carl also provides trading commentary to his followers. His analysis aims to identify meaningful crypto investments.

Follow The Moon:

Crypto Twitter Accounts Worth Following

michael saylor X Andreas Antonopoulos X

Beyond crypto traders, there are a number of knowledgeable voices to follow on twitter. Here are some top accounts:

  • Andreas Antonopoulos – Author, educator, and long-time Bitcoin advocate.
  • Michael Saylor (3m followers) – Founder of MicroStrategy, huge Bitcoin bull.
  • Jack Dorsey – Former Twitter CEO, now focused on Bitcoin development.
  • Jack Mallers – Founder of Strike, working to push Bitcoin adoption.
  • Lyn Alden – Macroeconomic analyst with in-depth Bitcoin takes.
  • Willy Woo – On-chain analyst and BTC permabull.
  • Dylan LeClair – Analyst and part of Bitcoin Magazine.

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For the latest Bitcoin and crypto news and market developments, these accounts share information fastest:

Now You Have a Solid List of The Best Crypto Twitter Accounts to Follow in 2023

Following knowledgeable crypto traders and analysts on Twitter, YouTube, and beyond can provide invaluable insights. Just remember to think critically, do your own research, and never “FOMO” blindly into any trade calls.

That said, immersing yourself in the wisdom of proven crypto veterans accelerates your learning curve tremendously. So be selective about who you follow, but don’t be afraid to lean on the experience of those who have traded successfully for years. Their insights can help you become a smarter and more strategic crypto investor.

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