Bitcoin books: the 10 best every investor should read

Bitcoin books: the 10 best every investor should read

Gianluca Lombardi March 23, 2023
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Attention, crypto enthusiasts and knowledge-hungry investors! Feast your eyes on our handpicked collection of the 10 best Bitcoin books every investor should devour. These literary masterpieces promise to transform you from a crypto-curious onlooker into a bona fide Bitcoin connoisseur.

So, why wait? Dive into these pages brimming with invaluable insights, expert advice, and cutting-edge strategies to help you navigate the exhilarating world of Bitcoin investing. And if you’re hungry for even more crypto wisdom, head on over to our Bitcoin Investing hub page, where a smorgasbord of expert insights awaits!

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1. “The Internet of Money” – part I – one of the most fascinating books on bitcoin

Author: Andreas AntonopoulosThe Internet of Money a book about bitcoin

The first part of ‘The Internet of Money’ is a must-read on cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin. World-renowned Greek-Canadian author Andreas Antonopoulos explains not how bitcoin works, but why. Andreas, who is also a computer security expert and conference speaker, explains in a series of short stories how the technology associated with bitcoin has evolved.

Bitcoin not only made a technological breakthrough in 2008, but also revolutionised long-established industries and enabled the financial independence of many people around the world. In the book, Andreas explains why Bitcoin is a financial and technological phenomenon and that the potential of the Bitcoin network goes beyond the concept of a ‘digital currency’.

The focus is not only on the technical details, but also on the historical, philosophical and social implications of Bitcoin. Just as the Internet has had a lasting impact on the way people around the world interact with each other in ways we could never have imagined, ‘The Internet of Money’ is changing the way we look at solving social, political and economic problems using decentralised technology. Amazon’s bestseller in cryptocurrency.

2. “The Bitcoin Standard”

Author: Saifedean AmmousThe Bitcoin Standard book on bitcoinBitcoin Standard is a book written by Bitcoin scholar and economist Dr. Seifedin Amus, who teaches at the Lebanese American University in Beirut and Columbia University in New York.

This is an advanced book on cryptocurrencies that focuses less on bitcoin and more on the economics and monetary policy associated with cryptocurrencies.

The author presents his thinking in a very clear and structured way and can convince you that bitcoin is a better investment than gold.

However, the explanations on bitcoin are not very concise. You can learn a lot about cryptocurrencies from this very readable book, which is supported by many established economic approaches.

3. “Mastering Bitcoin” – one of the must-read books on cryptocurrencies

Author: Andreas Antonopoulos "Mastering Bitcoin" a book on bitcoin and cryptocurrency.Next on our list is Andreas Antonopoulos’ book Becoming a Bitcoin Expert. This book on bitcoin guides you through the seemingly complex world of bitcoin. It imparts very detailed knowledge so that you can understand bitcoin in great detail.

Whether you are looking to create your next app, invest in a startup or are simply curious about the technology, the book provides the essential information to get you started. Andreas provides an introduction to the technology, cryptography, architecture, latest developments, use cases and often summarises it all with memorable stories and analogies.

His arguments are supported by graphics and bitcoin code snippets. Andreas’ book on bitcoin is one of the best works of its kind and will probably remain so for a long time to come.

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4. “Digital Gold”

Author: Nathaniel PopperDigital Gold a book on bitcoin and cryptocurrency The cryptocurrency book Digital Gold by American journalist Nathaniel Popper describes the dramatic rise in popularity of bitcoin and the faces behind it. From the very beginning, the story of the decentralised network has been made with the help of many people.

You can come across celebrities associated with cryptocurrencies such as Charlie Schremm, Eric Voorhees or Gavin Andreessen, as well as stories about Mt. Gox, etc. Events that had a significant impact on the exchange rate are also described. Of course, the technology associated with the bitcoin network is also explained. “Digital Gold” is a recommended purchase for those who wish to learn more about the history, development and technology of bitcoin.

5. “Cryptoassets”

Author: Chris Burniske & Jack Tatar "Cryptoassets" a book on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Chris Burniske’s book ‘Crypto Assets’ on cryptocurrencies provides a broad overview of many different and established cryptocurrencies. Chris calls this book ‘crypto assets’ – a technical term that is becoming increasingly popular among cryptocurrency experts. The book contains less theoretical constructs than practical expertise.

He explains how to invest successfully in cryptocurrencies over the long term, what to pay attention to and what ultimately determines an investor’s success in cryptocurrencies. His fundamental analysis is perfect to apply to one’s own investment behaviour. Chris’s book is a clear recommendation for purchase for readers looking for answers and straightforward descriptions of the world of cryptocurrency investing.

6. “The Internet of Money” Part II

Author: Andreas Antonopoulos The Internet of Money Vol 2 - a book on bitcoin and cryptocurrency

Another work by Andreas Antonopoulos on our list of best-selling bitcoin books is the second part of ‘The Internet of Money’. As in the first part, Andreas tells short stories and anecdotes related to bitcoin, making them memorable.

There is also a bonus section with answers to frequently asked questions from viewers of many events. Of course, the book is very bitcoin-specific. Andreas’ point of view and explanatory style are unique. More than anyone else, he analyses the properties of the bitcoin network in relation to social, political and economic issues. Like Part I, Part II is a clear recommendation to buy.

7. Blockchain Revolution (Bitcoin Book)

Author: Don Tapscott & Alex Tapscott A book on bitcoin and cryptocurrency "Blockchain Revolution"

If you read our article on Blockchain and got hungry for further information on blockchain. This book of Canadian Don Tapscott and his son Alex Tapscott describes the transformation of society through collaboration and inclusion of all people, including those who previously did not have access to capital.

The main message of the book is that people must come first and blockchain technology must serve them. The work does not reveal any technological details about blockchain technology, but focuses on what the technology could mean for humanity. It is a speculative and idealistic journey into the future, but you should not expect this book to provide detailed information on individual cryptocurrencies or the underlying technologies.

8. “Blockchain Basics”

Author: Daniel DrescherBlockchain Basics book on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

As the title ‘Blockchain Basics’ suggests, in this book on cryptocurrencies Daniel Drescher describes the basic concepts of blockchain in 25 steps. Daniel delves into the technical basics and explains the need for blockchain. In addition, you get a detailed insight into how the technology works, what limitations exist and what application options seem reasonable. The author conveys his knowledge without mathematical formulas, programming codes or computer jargon. Daniel’s book is full of comprehensible expertise and is an excellent read for the rational reader who wants to learn about the world of blockchain in a concise manner.

9. “Mastering Ethereum”

Author: Andreas Antonopoulos Masterin Ethereum bitcoin books about bitcoin

“Mastering Ethereum” is the fourth masterpiece by Andreas Antonopoulos to enter our list of the 10 best books on cryptocurrencies. Although Andreas is a bitcoin maximalist, in this book he focuses on the cryptocurrency Ethereum. Andreas and I delve into the technical details of Ethereum’s code, how smart contracts work, what decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) are and how Ethereum can automate future decision-making processes. It also discusses the interest in Ethereum technology by multi-billion dollar companies such as IBM and NASDAQ. The book is suitable for a technical readership and is recommended for advanced cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

10. “Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies”

Written by Arvind Narayanan, Joseph Bonneau, Edward Felten, Andrew Miller, Steven Goldfederbooks about bitcoin bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies

The tenth classified book ‘Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies’ by Arvind Narayanan and other authors provides the reader with an excellent and in-depth overview of cryptocurrencies.

At the beginning, the authors provide an introduction to cryptocurrencies, how they came about and what they can promise in the future. The clear reasoning is always complemented by context on how values can be protected and how they can be safely and publicly transferred on the blockchain at the same time.

We hope we have managed to recommend some books on cryptocurrencies or bitcoin. We invite you to click on the Amazon links we have added to each book. By doing so, you support us authors in a meaningful way. We wish you an enjoyable reading experience!

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