Automated Crypto Trading: Best Crypto Trading Bots in 2024

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Last Updated: 9 August, 2023

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Cryptocurrencies trading like Bitcoin and Ethereum have become extremely popular in recent years. Many traders are interested in automated trading using a crypto trading bot to maximize profits in this volatile market.

What are Crypto Trading Bots for Automated Trading?

Automated trading, also known as algorithmic trading, uses specialized software and algorithms called crypto trading bots to analyze market data and automatically open and close trades.

The main advantages of using a crypto trading bot:

  • 24/7 Trading – the software can trade continuously, 7 days a week
  • Speed – algorithms react instantly to market changes
  • Scalability – the software can be scaled to manage large amounts
  • Objectivity – emotions are eliminated, algorithms follow defined rules
  • Trend Trading – detecting price trends and trading in their direction
  • Arbitrage – exploiting price differences between various exchanges
  • Scalping – opening positions for very short times for small profits
  • News Trading – reacting to price movements on news releases

Getting started with a crypto bot trading

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Here are the key steps to getting started with automated cryptocurrency trading:

  1. Choose a Crypto Exchange – select a reliable crypto exchange that provides an API and supports using.
  2. Choose a crypto bot – you can use pre-built software or develop your own algorithm.
  3. Define a Strategy – determine which signals you’ll use and how you’ll open/close positions.
  4. Test – test your strategy on a demo account to ensure it works.
  5. Fund your Account – fund a live account once the strategy is tested.
  6. Monitor – monitor results and optimize the algorithm if needed.

Choosing the best crypto trading bot

There are many crypto trading bot options:

  • Crypto Trading Bot – pre-built solutions allowing quick start
  • Algorithmic Trading Platform – more flexible but require programming
  • Custom Programming – full flexibility but more complex implementation

Popular trading bots: Cryptohopper, 3Commas, HaasOnline

Popular platforms: QuantConnect, MetaTrader 5

Programming languages: Python, Java, C++

Strategies for automated crypto trading

There are many strategies that you can implement for auto trading. Most of them are no different from the familiar trading strategies that are implemented without a bot:

Trend Trading

  • Trade in the direction of major trends using technical indicators like moving averages, RSI, MACD.
  • Open long positions during uptrends and short during downtrends.
  • Use stop losses to limit risk.


  • Open positions for minutes or hours to make small profits from short-term fluctuations.
  • Leverage tight spreads and high leverage for maximum profits.
  • Trade highly liquid pairs like BTC/USD.


  • Exploit price differences between various exchanges simultaneously.
  • Buy assets on Exchange 1 and sell on Exchange 2 where price is higher.
  • Use algorithms for maximum efficiency in spotting opportunities.
  • Requires API access to multiple exchanges.

News Trading

  • Program the algorithm to react to specific news events with buys or sells.
  • For example, buy on partnership announcement, sell on hacker attack.
  • Use web scraping or machine learning to analyze news.
  • Combine with technical factors for better results.

Social trading / copy trade

Another approach to automated cryptocurrency trading is copy trading. This allows you to automatically copy the trades of experienced and successful traders:

  • Instead of programming your own algorithms, you “copy” trades from traders with a proven track record.
  • Platforms like eToro allow you to view traders and their historical results, then copy their exact trades in real time.
  • You can copy multiple traders to diversify and reduce risk. Traders receive a commission for trades copied by others.
  • This makes trading affordable for beginners. However, there are still risks as copied traders can still make losing trades. Perform due diligence on any trader before copying them.

In general, copy trading represents a more user-friendly form of crypto trading bot that does not require programming skills. It allows anyone to use the strategies of experienced cryptocurrency traders.

List of the best trading bots for crypto

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Trading bots are programs that create buy or sell orders directly through an exchange’s API, such as Binance or Bybit.

They monitor current price spikes, trading volumes and other technical indicators.

The answer to the question “Do bots work in bitcoin trading?” is quite difficult.

Yes, they can work, but trading bots can’t be expected to do all the work for us.

However, we would like to introduce you to the best publicly available cryptocurrency trading bots:

3Commas Trading Bot was developed by a great team and offers a browser-based service.

For the user, this means they can check the dashboard even on the go.

The 3Commas team is also trying to build a community platform around the trading bot.

The monthly cost of the initial version of 3Commas is 29 USD.


cryptohopper trading bot

Cryptohopper is an automated cryptocurrency trading platform that allows users to automate their trading strategies across various exchanges. It provides tools to build custom trading strategies using technical indicators and also offers pre-built templates for beginners.

With features like backtesting, one can test strategies on historical data to gauge performance. Cryptohopper also allows mirror trading, where users can copy the strategies of successful traders.

The platform integrates with many popular exchanges, providing ease of access. It offers different subscription plans catering to various experience levels, and the pricing is tiered based on the features you access.

While its user-friendly interface can attract new users, some may find the plethora of options overwhelming at first. Also, like all trading bots, it doesn’t guarantee profits and must be used with caution, following proper risk management practices. Overall, Cryptohopper is seen as a versatile tool for those looking to automate their crypto trading.


CryptoBot is a trading tool, based on Gunbot technology, is one of the most widely used crypto trading bots.

Users can trade crypto by customizing and optimizing the preset strategies at their own discretion.

HaasOnline Platform

Haasonline is a sophisticated crypto trader platform that provides automation tools for both novice and advanced traders. It supports various exchanges and offers numerous strategies, indicators, and insurances.

Though it offers a robust set of features, its complexity may be overwhelming for beginners, and it carries a higher price tag compared to some competitors. Overall, Haasonline is best suited for serious traders looking to leverage automation in their trading.

HaasOnline’s trading bot is definitely one of the most professional bots on our list.

Available are packages priced at $9, $49 and $99 per month.

Bitcoin trading bot

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A bitcoin bot, like the crypto trading bot, is a tool that automates bitcoin trading using algorithms and artificial intelligence. Some popular bitcoin robots include:

  • Bitcoin Code – claim to have 99.4% accuracy through artificial intelligence and machine learning. Allows you to demo trade before going live.
  • Bitcoin Revolution – they say they analyze cryptocurrency market data to identify lucrative trading opportunities. Users can customize settings.
  • Cryptosoft – Advertise that it performs technical analysis and generates accurate cryptocurrency trading signals.

Although bitcoin robots advertise very accurate and profitable trading, many have been accused of fraud. As with any trading bot, do your due diligence and start with small amounts before trusting them for larger trades. They are not guaranteed to bring you profits.

Risks of using cryptocurrency trading software

risks about automated trading with crypto

Automated trading also carries various risks to be aware of:

  • Technical Errors – software bugs can lead to losses
  • Market Risk – crypto markets are extremely volatile
  • Leverage – leverage can greatly amplify your losses
  • Cybersecurity – hackers may attempt to drain your accounts
  • Regulation – increasing regulations surrounding cryptocurrencies

To protect yourself, use stop losses, trade with low leverage, thoroughly test algorithms, and avoid risking your entire capital.

Conclusions – do the crypto trading bots work?

Automated trading can provide significant advantages for cryptocurrency traders, enabling continuous trading, speed and scalability. There are many software options and strategies to experiment with. However, there are also risks that need to be carefully managed. Using the right combination of software, strategies and risk management, crypto trading bot can be a powerful tool for generating profits from the cryptocurrency markets.

FAQ questions about the automated crypto trading

Can I Automate My Crypto Trading?

Yes, almost any manual crypto trading strategy can be automated with the right tools. Trading bots and algorithmic trading platforms allow you to program technical analysis and execute precise buy/sell rules automatically, 24/7. You can automate scalping, trend following, arbitrage, news trading, and more. However, strategies must be thoroughly backtested to avoid losses. Coding knowledge may be required.

Is Automated Crypto Trading Profitable?

Automated trading can be profitable if done correctly. The key is choosing a sound trading strategy and effective software. The algorithms need to be optimized and adapted over time for changing market conditions. Do not rely on “out of the box” bots claiming high profits. Conduct proper backtesting across different market periods. Be prepared to actively monitor and maintain the trading systems. Used properly, algorithmic trading can absolutely generate consistent profits.

Does Binance Offer Automated Trading?

Yes, Binance facilitates automated trading through its API integration and Binance Trading Bot platform. You can use the API to connect Binance to external trading bots or build algorithmic trading systems. The Binance Trading Bot platform provides a quick way to configure trading bots within the exchange. Over 100 technical indicators are available to customize your trading strategy. However, these bots still require ongoing monitoring and optimization to remain profitable.

What are the main benefits of automated crypto trading?

The main benefits are 24/7 execution, speed, scalability, backtesting capabilities, and emotionless following of objective rules. Algorithms can scan markets and react faster than humans. Automated systems can trade complex strategies across multiple assets simultaneously.

What risks are associated with automated trading?

Main risks are software failures/bugs leading to losses, volatility amplifying losses, leverage increasing risks, and hacking vulnerabilities. Poorly designed algorithms can fail and lose money quickly. Be sure to thoroughly backtest strategies.

What skills do I need to run a crypto trading bot?

For pre-built trading bots, no coding is needed but you’ll need trading knowledge. For custom bots, technical skills like Python and quantitative skills for strategy design are required. Good risk management skills are essential for any bot.

What strategies can be automated for crypto trading?

Trend following, mean reversion, scalping, arbitrage, news-based and almost any rules-based strategy can be automated. Use backtesting to assess viability before going live. Discretionary or subjective strategies are difficult to automate.

How much money do I need to start automated crypto trading?

Many bots allow starting with just $500-$1000. However, it’s advisable to start with at least $3000-$5000 to properly backtest strategies and absorb potential early losses while optimizing algorithms. More capital also allows wider diversification.

Should I build my own bot or use existing ones?

Pre-built bots offer quick start but limited customization. Building your own allows full control but requires programming skills. Consider your level of technical expertise. Hybrid option is using algorithmic trading platforms that simplify coding.

How much time is required to run an automated trading bot?

5-10 hours per week is advisable for monitoring performance and periodically reoptimizing strategies. Bots can execute trades 24/7 but ongoing supervision is still crucial for maintaining profitability long-term.

Is it possible to fully automate my trading and “set and forget”?

It’s generally not advisable to completely “set and forget” trading bots. Market conditions constantly evolve, so strategies need to be monitored and adjusted to remain profitable. Don’t rely on claims of “fully automated systems.”

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