vs Binance: Deciding on the Best Crypto Exchange for You

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Last Updated: 23 June, 2023

gate-io vs binance battle

Today, we’re comparing two of popular crypto platforms – and Binance. We’ll be breaking down the key aspects of each exchange to help you with your decision on which one of the two suits you better.

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General Overview

Feature gate io logo Binance
Founded 2013 2017
Founder Lin Han Changpeng Zhao
Specialization Altcoin trading Variety of services
User Interface Intuitive User-friendly, founded in 2013 by Lin Han, has established itself as a leading platform for altcoin trading. Meanwhile, Binance, founded in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao, offers a wide variety of services beyond just trading, including staking, futures, and lending. Both exchanges boast intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that cater to both new and experienced traders. Pros and Cons


  1. Wide selection of altcoins
  2. Intuitive user interface
  3. Competitive trading fees


  1. Limited fiat deposit options
  2. Not available for US users
  3. Smaller trading volume compared to Binance

Binance Pros and Cons


  1. High liquidity and trading volume
  2. Variety of services and features
  3. Multiple fiat deposit and withdrawal options


  1. Regulatory issues in some jurisdictions
  2. Complex fee structure for some services
  3. Occasional system overloads during peak times

Who is right for?

  1. Every altcoin enthusiasts
  2. Those looking for a simple and easy-to-use platform

Who is Binance right for?

  1. High-volume traders
  2. Users seeking diverse trading services
  3. Traders who require multiple fiat deposit and withdrawal options


In the general overview, Binance has a slight edge due to its higher trading volume, diverse services, and multiple fiat options. However, remains a strong contender for altcoin enthusiasts and those seeking lower fees.

User Experience and Interface

gate io logo Binance
Web Interface Intuitive User-friendly
Mobile App Available Available
Customer Support Email, Live Chat Email, Live Chat

Both and Binance provide an intuitive web interface and mobile app, making it easy for users to navigate and trade on their platforms. Customer support for both exchanges is available through email and live chat.

Winner: Tie

Both exchanges offer a comparable user experience, so it’s a draw in this category.

Trading Pairs, Liquidity, and Volume

gate io logo Binance
Trading pairs Over 1400 Over 650
Liquidity Moderate High
Trading Volume Lower than Binance Highest in the market offers over 1400 trading pairs which is the most we’ve seen on any exchange so far. More than even Binance’s 650+ pairs.

Binance on the other hand has significantly higher liquidity and trading volume. This one is close, but we give it to because of the jaw dropping number of coins to trade.


Despite having fewer trading pairs, Binance’s higher liquidity and trading volume give it the advantage in this category.

Binance and Gate Fees and Leverage Info

gate io logo Binance
Maker fee 0.20% 0.10%
Taker fee 0.20% 0.10%
Withdrawal Fee Varies Varies
Leverage options Up to 10x Up to 125x has a flat trading fee of 0.20% for both maker and taker orders, while Binance offers a lower fee of 0.10%. Both exchanges have varying withdrawal fees depending on the cryptocurrency. Binance provides leverage options up to 125x, significantly higher than’s 10x leverage.

Winner: Binance.

Binance’s lower trading fees and higher leverage options make it the more attractive choice for cost-conscious traders.

Security and Compliance

gate io logo Binance
Two-factor Authentication Yes Yes
Cold Storage Yes Yes
Security Fund Yes Yes (SAFU fund)
Address Whitelisting Yes Yes
Anti-Phishing Code No Yes
Real-Time Risk Management Yes Yes
Asset Segregation Yes Yes
Secure Infrastructure Yes Yes

Both and Binance prioritize security, with features such as two-factor authentication, cold storage, security funds, address whitelisting, real-time risk management, asset segregation, and secure infrastructure in place. However, Binance takes it a step further by offering an anti-phishing code feature that helps protect users from phishing attacks.

Winner: Binance. While both exchanges have robust security measures, Binance’s addition of the anti-phishing code gives it a slight edge in this category.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

gate io logo Binance
Fiat Deposit Options Limited Multiple
Cryptocurrency Options Yes Yes
Withdrawal Options Crypto and limited fiat Crypto and multiple fiat offers limited fiat deposit options, while Binance supports multiple fiat currencies for deposits and withdrawals. Both exchanges allow deposits and withdrawals in various cryptocurrencies.

Winner: Binance.

Binance’s support for multiple fiat deposit and withdrawal options makes it more accessible for users worldwide.

Trading Tools and Features

Feature gate io logo Binance
Mobile App Yes Yes
API Support Yes Yes
Margin Trading Yes Yes
Perpetual Contracts Yes Yes
Staking Yes Yes
Token Launch Platform Yes Yes
Advanced trading tools Yes Yes
Unique features Perpetual contracts insurance Binance Earn, Binance Launchpad, Binance NFT Marketplace

Both and Binance offer a comprehensive suite of trading tools and features, including mobile apps, API support, margin trading, perpetual contracts, staking, and token launch platforms. Additionally, both exchanges provide advanced trading tools for professional traders. Binance offers unique features such as Binance Earn, Binance Launchpad, and Binance NFT Marketplace, while has perpetual contracts insurance.

Winner: Binance. Binance’s wider range of unique features makes it the more versatile and feature-rich platform.

Comparison Summary

Binance logo

ecoinomy rating:


Max Leverage 20:1
Deposit Fees By card 1,8%; minimum deposit 15 EUR
Trading Fees 0.1%
Cryptocurrencies 650+ BTC logo CriptovaluteETH Criptovalute logoIOTA криптовалута логоBCH криптовалута логоRipple криптовалута логоDASH криптовалута логоADA криптовалута логоEOS криптовалута логоLTC криптовалута логоTezos криптовалута логоNEO криптовалута логоXLM криптовалута логоZEC криптовалута логоETC криптовалута логоOmise-Go криптовалута лого
Payment Methods Crypto, Visa, MasterCard
Number of Users 30.000.000+



Ease of Use

Customer Service

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ecoinomy rating:


Max Leverage 10:1
Deposit Fees Debit card 2-3%
Trading Fees 0.145% - 0.2%
Cryptocurrencies BTC logo CriptovaluteETH Criptovalute logoIOTA logoBCH logoRipple logoDASH logoADA logoEOS logoLTC logoTezos logoNEO logoXLM logoZEC logoETC logoOmise-Go logo +1400
Payment methods Crypto, debit and credit cards, bank transfer, Banxa, SEPA, Apple Pay, Google Pay
Number of users 10.000.000+



Ease of Use

Customer Service

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The comparison between and Binance, two popular crypto trading platforms, reveals several key differences and similarities. Binance, founded in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao, offers a wider array of services, including staking, futures, and lending, and has significantly higher liquidity and trading volume. Its trading fees are lower than’s, it provides up to 125x leverage compared to’s 10x, and it supports multiple fiat deposit and withdrawal options. Binance also offers more unique features like Binance Earn, Binance Launchpad, and Binance NFT Marketplace.

On the other hand,, established in 2013 by Lin Han, is renowned for altcoin trading, boasting over 1400 trading pairs, and offers a competitive and flat trading fee for both maker and taker orders. However, it has limited fiat deposit options, is not available for US users, and has a smaller trading volume compared to Binance.

Both platforms are user-friendly with intuitive web interfaces and mobile apps, offer robust security measures, and provide comprehensive trading tools and features. However, Binance holds a slight edge in security due to its anti-phishing code feature.

In conclusion, while Binance appears to be the better platform overall due to its wider services, lower fees, and higher liquidity, remains a preferred choice for altcoin enthusiasts and those seeking a simple platform.

So Binance or Exchange is Better in 2023?

Which exchange has lower trading fees?

Binance has lower trading fees (0.10%) compared to (0.20%).

Which exchange offers more trading pairs? offers more trading pairs with over 1400 trading pairs, while Binance has over 650.

Which exchange has higher liquidity and trading volume?

Binance has significantly higher liquidity and trading volume than

Are both exchanges secure and compliant?

Yes, both and Binance prioritize security and compliance with industry standards.

Which exchange is better for altcoin trading? is well-known for its wide selection of altcoins, making it a preferred choice for altcoin enthusiasts.

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