Is Ethereum a Good Investment in 2024?

Gianluca Lombardi, 4 min read
Last Updated: 26 December, 2023

is ethereum a good investment

Ethereum has emerged as one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in recent years, thanks to its innovative smart contract functionality and role in the explosive growth of decentralized finance (DeFi). As investors look ahead to 2024, a key question is whether ethereum is poised to be the best crypto asset for the next bull market cycle. This article analyzes the future investment prospects of ethereum compared to alternatives like bitcoin and rising altcoins.

The Investment Bull Case for Ethereum

There are several factors that point to ethereum being a strong investment for long term crypto holders in 2024 and beyond:

1. Leadership in Decentralized Apps and DeFi

Ethereum has established itself as the go-to platform for decentralized applications (dApps) and DeFi projects. The Ethereum blockchain already accounts for over 90% of all dApp activity and the vast majority of the total value locked in DeFi. Key DeFi applications like Uniswap, Aave and Compound all operate on Ethereum. This dominant position gives ethereum unrivaled developer network effects for its smart contract capabilities.

2. Upcoming Scalability Upgrades

The Ethereum community is working on major scalability upgrades to the network that should reduce high gas fees and enable greater throughput of transactions. The upcoming transition to Ethereum 2.0 with its proof of stake consensus and sharding solutions aims to significantly expand Ethereum’s capacity. This will allow ethereum to scale for the future as adoption increases.

3. Growing Institutional Investment

Ethereum is gaining more mainstream endorsement and use by financial institutions compared to other altcoins. Large banks like JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs have announced support for ethereum-based systems. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange offers ethereum futures trading. And the interest by Wall Street firms is only expected to grow in coming years, further legitimizing ethereum as an institutional grade investment.

4. Network Effects and Developer Resources

Given its multi-year head start in the market, ethereum enjoys powerful network effects that make it the most decentralized smart contract platform. It boasts by far the largest developer ecosystem, with tools like Solidity and Truffle that make building on Ethereum accessible. The expertise and resources invested into ethereum by its global community give it an advantage in blockchain innovation that will be hard for competitors to replicate anytime soon.

Factors to Consider About Ethereum’s Future Outlook

However, there are also some potential concerns and unknowns to factor regarding ethereum’s longer term positioning:

  • Technical Risks – The shift to Ethereum 2.0 with proof of stake and sharding will be technically complex. There is a risk of setbacks during the transition that could slow adoption.
  • Competition – Rival blockchains like Cardano, Polkadot and Cosmos boast advanced capabilities and are aimed at challenging ethereum’s market lead in areas like DeFi. Interoperability solutions could reduce ethereum’s first mover advantage.
  • Regulation – Increased government oversight of the crypto space looms large. Strict regulations or limitations on DeFi could hinder ethereum’s ability to innovate.
  • Volatility – Like other cryptocurrencies, ethereum is subject to price swings that may limit its near term appeal to more conservative institutional investors. The token value will need to stabilize for more risk averse capital allocation.
  • Security Issues – Ethereum is no stranger to hacking vulnerabilities in dApps and smart contracts. Additional exploits could undermine confidence and slow enterprise adoption.

Ethereum Price Forecast for 2024

is ethereum the best crypto to buy

Given the bullish and bearish factors at play, most analysts expect ethereum to continue appreciating in value over the next 2 years – but at a slower pace than the 2017 bubble.

Here is a table summarizing sample ethereum price predictions for 2024 from major financial institutions:

Bank/Firm ETH Price Prediction for 2024
JPMorgan $5,000
Ark Invest $20,000
Goldman Sachs $8,000
CoinPriceForecast $5,500

These forecasts represent a 150% to 500% upside from ethereum’s current price. The consensus points to ethereum reaching the $5,000 to $10,000 range by 2024 – which would give it a market capitalization between $500 billion and $1 trillion.

How Does Ethereum Compare to Other Major Cryptocurrencies?


Beyond technical and financial metrics, it’s important to examine the high-level blockchain use cases where ethereum is strongest relative to major alternative crypto assets such as bitcoin, cardano and solana.

[This table summarizes the key differences in positioning between ethereum and other top cryptocurrencies]:

Crypto Key Strengths Use Cases
Ethereum dApps, DeFi, NFTs, smart contracts Digital finance, tokenized assets
Bitcoin Digital gold, store of value Inflation hedge, payment rail
Cardano Speed, scalability, governance DeFi, identity, compliance
Solana Speed and cost, NFTs Trading, gaming, social

While bitcoin enjoys first mover advantage as digital gold, ethereum is the go-to platform for more complex blockchain use cases in decentralized finance and Web 3.0 applications. This gives ethereum a more expansive addressable market as blockchain adoption advances.

Meanwhile, faster and cheaper blockchains like Cardano and Solana aim to challenge ethereum in areas like DeFi. But ethereum’s dominant developer network effects create high barriers. Ethereum is most likely to remain the base settlement layer underpinning digital asset transactions that can leverage solutions like Polygon for greater scaling.


Ethereum appears well-positioned to maintain its status as the most valuable smart contract platform through the next crypto bull market cycle. Its leadership in DeFi and strength in network effects give ethereum a path to long term upside potential despite risks around regulation, scaling, competition and volatility. While 10x price appreciation to the $10,000+ level is far from guaranteed, ethereum does seem like the safest bet among top cryptocurrencies for significant gains by 2024. But as always, investors should do their own research before buying.

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