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Bitcoin value in EUR: 62,322.74 Bitcoin value in USD: $67.092,98 What is the price of bitcoin? The current price of bitcoin fluctuates dramatically every day. We explain all the important details of the bitcoin price: the price in 2009, its development, maximum price, manipulation, forecasts, price applications, target and much more. The live bitcoin price today is 62,322.74 and the 24-hour trading volume is 34,130,117,376. We update our bitcoin price in EUR in real time. The bitcoin price has changed by -1.79% in the last 24 hours. The current position of the cryptocurrency’s market capitalisation is #1 and the real-time market capitalisation is 1,226,108,891,150.

If you want to find out the best cryptocurrency platforms for bitcoin trading find them on our dedicated cryptocurrency exchange page. Here you can follow the current bitcoin price live – updated at any time.

Current bitcoin price

The current price of bitcoin can be monitored at any time.

Factors Affecting Bitcoin Price

Market Demand and Supply

The price of Bitcoin is driven by market demand and supply. When more people want to buy Bitcoin, the price goes up. On the other hand, when the supply exceeds the demand, the price tends to drop.

Regulatory Changes

Governments around the world have a significant impact on the price of Bitcoin through regulations and policies. New rules and regulations can either fuel its growth or put a damper on its adoption.

Adoption by Institutions and Mainstream Consumers

Institutions and mainstream consumers play a crucial role in determining the price of Bitcoin. When large corporations and financial institutions invest in Bitcoin, it sends a positive signal to the market and can lead to an increase in its price.

Competition from Other Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency in the market, and the success (or failure) of other cryptocurrencies can impact its price. As more investors and consumers adopt alternative cryptocurrencies, it can lead to a decrease in demand for Bitcoin, which can in turn, affect its price.

Bitcoin price 2009

In 2009, bitcoin still has no measurable value. Why? Simply put, there were no bitcoin exchanges where prices could be established. In 2010, there weren’t even many brokers, but on forums like BitcoinTalk, the first discussions about prices emerged, so an unofficial market for supply and demand emerged.

One Bitcoin in 2010. = USD 0.08.

In autumn 2010. 1 Bitcoin = approximately USD 0.08. Assuming the current price of 1 Bitcoin = USD 10,000, an investment of USD 100 in 2010, which was then equivalent to 125 Bitcoins, would today be worth USD 1.25 million.

Bitcoin: Price Evolution

The value of bitcoin went from 0 to just over USD 20,000 (winter 2017/2018). We are now roughly halfway to the highest valuation.

Evolution of the bitcoin exchange rate
The price of bitcoin from 2014 to today.

Especially in recent years, the value has increased rapidly. We often see the phenomenon of a sudden rise, followed by a sharp drop and then an even steeper rise. The price of bitcoin is very volatile and the highest value always exceeds the previous one.

Here are some figures to give you an idea of the price variations:

Date BTC price [USD]
01.01.2022 47 687
15.07.2021 31 780
01.01.2021 29 000
15.07.2020 9193
01.01.2020 7200
15.07.2019 10 895
01.01.2019 3843
15.07.2018 5433
01.01.2018 11 236
15.07.2017 1811
01.01.2017 930
15.07.2016 602
01.01.2016 399
15.07.2015 266
01.01.2015 263
15.07.2014 458
01.01.2014 537
15.07.2013 92
01.01.2013 13
15.07.2012 6
01.01.2012 3
15.07.2011 10
01.01.2011 0,24
01.09.2010 0,08

Bitcoin: Is the price being manipulated?

Is the price of bitcoin really being manipulated? By definition, manipulation occurs when a deliberate and hidden influence is exerted. As described in the article “What is bitcoin?”, the owners of bitcoin are not directly visible, although the blockchain is always public. In this context, we refer to a pseudonym. Once a bitcoin address is associated with a person or a company, all transactions can be tracked.

Pseudonymisation is used by the big players in the bitcoin network, the so-called bitcoin whales (often early adopters). By owning large amounts of bitcoins, they can (still) significantly change prices in the direction they want. This is possible because liquidity in the bitcoin trading market is still relatively low. In this sense, it can be said that the price of bitcoin can be manipulated to a certain extent. However, as in the financial world as we know it, most capital has the greatest influence on the free market.

Bitcoin value in Euros

The price of bitcoin is usually quoted in US dollars, as most cryptocurrency exchanges quote the prices of their cryptocurrency pairs in US dollars. An example is the BTC/USD trading pair. Trading platforms from Europe are increasingly entering the market, which also offer BTC/EUR.

Bitcoin value in dollars

The bitcoin price in US dollars is the benchmark when we talk about the bitcoin exchange rate. Almost every exchange has a BTC/USD trading pair. Almost all media report the price of bitcoin in US dollars.

Buying and selling bitcoin

When trading cryptocurrencies, it is extremely important to choose a regulated and reliable platform. The platform should be authorised in the EU if possible. Cryptocurrency exchanges are growing at a rapid pace, with numerous bugs and even hacks. Therefore, in this case, you should choose the biggest players on the market, which usually have even lower fees. We have prepared for you a list of reliable CFD brokers for cryptocurrencies. One of these is Plus500, which is a broker but not an exchange and does not offer a bitcoin wallet. Here you can invest without worries, even with a small budget:



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App to follow the bitcoin price

Checking the frequently changing prices of cryptocurrencies can be addictive. To make it easier for you, we recommend the following bitcoin price apps, where you can also check the prices of other cryptocurrencies:

  • Delta: You can also create a wallet and regularly check the price of bitcoins. The app is free and available for Android and iOS.

bitcoin value Delta application
Bitcoin price in the mobile app: delta.

Bitcoin Price: Forecasts

Linking this to a bitcoin price prediction would be more than questionable. Here, even as cryptocurrency advisors, we will not put our hands on it. What we are seeing, however, is that after the wave of private investors in 2017/2018, another wave of investors is investing in bitcoin.

These investors are institutional investors such as funds, venture capital firms, private equity firms and family offices. To serve these investors, certain conditions are required, such as legal certainty, secure storage and regulated exchange. There is a very positive development here. The extent to which the ‘big money’ will move into Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency sector will inevitably influence the price. In addition, we may see significant technical advances. Increasingly, Blockchain business models are being adapted to everyday life and there is a lot of talent in the Blockchain field to pursue their careers and futures.

by the end of 2020. 1 BTC will be worth $1 million – John McAfee

Tweet John McAfee bitcoin exchange rate
Twitter:Bitcoin price prediction by John McAfee.

Of course, there are characters a little over the top, such as antivirus founder John McAfee, who dare to announce target prices for bitcoin. He has publicly stated that the value of bitcoin will be $1 million in 2020, a widely circulated tweet that has even reached US television channels and is widely considered a best-case scenario. Let’s hope so!


Since 2009, the price of bitcoin has increased enormously. Someone who invested just $100 back then is now a bitcoin millionaire. Bitcoin is very volatile. However, volatility is gradually decreasing. Especially compared to other cryptocurrencies, bitcoin is much less volatile. It is impossible to predict exactly where the price of bitcoin will go. One thing is certain: cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin, are growing at a rapid pace and the newly created infrastructure is set to potentially create gigantic value. If you choose to participate in bitcoin, you become part of its potential. And if you think it is a good idea to look at alternatives, cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Tezos are of great interest to investors. Buying and selling are seamless and a great way to get started with brokers like Libertex or eToro.

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I convert the price of bitcoin into euros?

    Visit to see the current price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in dollars. You can also change the currency into euros in the top right-hand corner of the website. Alternatively, you can simply convert the exchange rate between the US dollar and the euro or PLN by using Google’s search engine, typing ‘USD 1000 to PLN’ in the search bar.

  • Where can bitcoins be traded?

    Bitcoins should be traded with reputable bitcoin brokers or on bitcoin exhanges. Make sure the exchanges are licensed and regulated. Good customer service, a flawless trading platform and commonly used deposit and withdrawal methods are other factors to look for. We have put several platforms under the magnifying glass on our website.

  • What does the bitcoin exchange rate depend on?

    People often try to arrange events that influence the change in the bitcoin price. It is often impossible to explain price movements in the cryptocurrency market because the market is mainly driven by retail investors.

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