Bitcoin Price Prediction: how much will BTC be worth in 2024-2026

Bitcoin Price Prediction: how much will BTC be worth in 2024-2026

Marcin Woźniak June 15, 2022
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Are you curious about what the future holds for the price of Bitcoin? As the world’s first decentralized cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has captured the imagination of millions of people around the globe.

Its price movements have been nothing short of volatile, soaring to all-time highs and plummeting to new lows in just a matter of weeks.

In this post, we will delve into the factors that are driving the price of Bitcoin and provide you with expert crypto predictions for its short-term and long-term future.

Get ready to discover what the future holds for Bitcoin and how you can prepare for its price movements.

Methodologies for Price Prediction

Technical Analysis

This methodology involves analyzing historical price and volume data to identify patterns and make predictions about future price movements of Bitcoin.

Fundamental Analysis

This approach focuses on examining the underlying factors affecting the price of Bitcoin, including economic indicators, adoption rates, and regulatory changes.

Predictive Algorithms and Models

In this method, predictive algorithms use machine learning and data analysis to make predictions about the future price of Bitcoin.

Comparison of Methods

By comparing different methodologies, we can get a better understanding of the future of Bitcoin’s price and make more informed predictions.

Historical Price Movements of Bitcoin

This section will provide a brief overview of the historical price movements of Bitcoin, including its all-time highs and lows.

Key Events Affecting Price

This section will discuss the significant events that have had an impact on the price of Bitcoin, such as major announcements, regulatory changes, and adoption by institutions and mainstream consumers.

Sentiment Analysis of Market Participants

This section will analyze the sentiment of market participants, including investors, traders, and analysts, to get a better understanding of their views on the future of Bitcoin’s price.

Analysis of Current Market Conditions

This section will examine the current market conditions and provide an overview of the factors affecting the price of Bitcoin in the present moment.

The Crystal Ball: Short-term and Long-term Price Predictions for Bitcoin

Expert Opinions and Analysts’ Views

We’ll hear from the experts and see what the smartest minds in the room have to say about the future of Bitcoin’s price.

Predictive Algorithms and Models

The computers are at it again. We’ll see what the latest algorithms and models are predicting for the short-term and long-term future of Bitcoin’s price.

The past is often a good indicator of the future. We’ll take a look at historical trends and patterns to see if they can give us any clues about the future of Bitcoin’s price.

Risks and Uncertainties

No prediction is foolproof. We’ll discuss the potential risks and uncertainties that could impact the future of Bitcoin’s price and what it means for investors and traders.

Bitcoin: Analyst Forecasts

US bank JP Morgan has long been known as a critic of bitcoin, but now has its own position on bitcoin and is even working on its own cryptocurrency. Moreover, in early 2021. JP Morgan has published a comprehensive study with a forecast of future price movements. The bank’s analysts predict an increase to $146,000. This suggests that billions of dollars will be transferred from gold to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In this context, analyst Nikolaos Panigirtzoglu explains that a competition between gold and the main digital currency is to be expected.

JP Morgan therefore sees the next generation of young investors as an important factor in the development of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is already part of the investment strategy of many of these investors. The number of investors is actively growing in relation to the cryptocurrency developed by Satoshi Nakamoto, and ‘digital gold’ will be a welcome alternative to physical commodities for them. The aforementioned target of USD 146,000 is based on the equalisation of the capitalisation of gold and BTC. From October 2020. Gold ETFs have lost about USD 7 billion. In the same period, Grayscale’s famous Bitcoin Trust rose by USD 3 billion.

New big investors

There has been much talk in recent months about MicroStrategy, which has invested nearly $1 billion in BTC. The software giant initially transferred $450 million from its reserves to BTC. In addition, the US company announced a few weeks ago that it would issue bonds for a further $650 million. The new capital was then to be invested in large amounts in BTC.

Following these decisions, MicroStrategy’s shares rose sharply. This is mainly due to the fact that the investment strategy of the company’s managers has already generated triple-digit returns.

But it is not only the software company that has entered the BTC on a large scale. One of the largest US insurance companies, MassMutual, has followed in MicroStrategy’s footsteps. Founded in 1851, the company has invested USD 100 million in BTC. In this context, MassMutual acquired a stake in the New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG). NYDIG is the cryptocurrency depository provider of the Stone Ridge Asset Management Company. MassMutual invested USD 5 million in NYDIG. At the same time, the custody service provider took over the management of the insurance company’s new cryptocurrency assets.

New partnerships

The news of payment service provider PayPal’s intention to offer its own cryptocurrency service caused euphoria in the cryptocurrency markets. For most people, this means easier access to more cryptocurrencies. Following this news, the price of bitcoin rose by 15%. Thanks to the adoption by one of the largest payment service providers and the overall positive situation, Jehan Chu, founder of Kenetic Capital, predicts that prices will exceed $20,000 in 2020. Currency strategist Joel Krueger of LMAX Digital also believes in a similar increase and estimates prices at $30,000-40,000 in 2021.

Bitcoin predictions: what do the experts say?

Opinions on bitcoin and long-term predictions for bitcoin vary widely. Below is a list of some (alleged) blockchain experts and celebrities on bitcoin price developments:

  • Bill Gates: the head of Microsoft has never hidden his attitude towards bitcoin. Gates does not want to give exact dates or figures, but believes that bitcoin will reach $0 sooner or later. However, he believes that the price of bitcoin will collapse. He justifies this radical assessment with the fact that bitcoin, as an asset class, produces nothing to justify its equivalent. Therefore, in his view, it is a speculation that will eventually be lost.
  • Kenneth Rogoff: Rogoff is a professor at Harvard University and former head of the International Monetary Fund. In an interview with CNBC, he commented on bitcoin predictions and gave his own estimates for 2028, believing that the BTC will be worth around $100 by then. He also argued a similar thesis to Gates and based his predictions on bitcoin on its relatively limited uses as a medium of transaction. In his view, bitcoin is unlikely to pass as an attractive transaction vehicle, except for money laundering or tax evasion.
  • Cameron Winklevoss: The Winklevoss twins, Cameron and Tyler, are well-known figures in the bitcoin scene. They managed to achieve a net worth of over $1 billion in a short period of time. Cameron Winklevoss speculates that in 10-20 years the price of bitcoin will be $320,000.
  • John Pfeffer: Partner Pfeffer Capital did not provide an exact timeline for his prediction on bitcoin. He believes that if BTC replaces gold as a store of value, the value of BTC could exceed $700,000. He explained in simple terms why this figure emerged. Pfeffer suggests that $1.6 trillion of gold will remain in private hands. This contrasts with the 18 million bitcoins that he believes will still be in circulation at this point. Consequently, the minimum price of a bitcoin would be $90,000. This value could increase over time to as much as USD 700,000. However, Pfeffer’s predictions will only come true if bitcoin actually replaces gold as a means of storing value.
  • John McAfee: Security software developer John McAfee caused a stir with his predictions about bitcoin in 2020. Not only is his estimate of $1 million per BTC very high, but he seems so convinced that he disagrees with those who call him an idiot. In the next 1-2 years, he can even imagine that 1 BTC could be worth more than $2.6 million. McAfee has often been criticised in the past, especially for aggressively valuing the assets he trades.
  • BayernLB: An analysis by the Bayerische Landesbank at the end of 2019 considered it possible that the price of bitcoin could rise to $90,000 next year. This statement caused a lot of interest in the cryptocurrency world, as it is the first time that a respected German institute has been commissioned to forecast the price of bitcoin. The basis for this price prediction is the commodity analysis technique ‘Stock to Flow’. It is predicted that halving the price of bitcoin will lead to a significant increase in the price of bitcoin.

Bitcoin prediction for 2024-2026

Now that some experts and personalities have made their bitcoin predictions, there is an estimate based on mathematics and algorithms:

  • predictions for bitcoin are provided here for a period of 5 years. According to the calculations, the price of bitcoin will experience some fluctuations until 2023, but the general trend will continue to increase. In July 2023. 1 BTC will be worth up to $60,369.
  • the trend seems to be exactly the opposite here. The forecast for bitcoin is much more negative. Bitcoin will steadily lose value over the next six years. By June 2024, the price of 1 BTC will drop to an average of USD 660.

Conclusion on bitcoin’s price predictions

So what’s the deal with Bitcoin’s price?

It’s a mystery that’s captivated us all. We dove deep into the factors that drive its value, from market demand and supply to regulatory changes, big-time adoptions, and the rise of other cryptocurrencies. We compared and contrasted the methods used to predict its price, from tea-leaf reading (technical analysis) to rubber-meets-the-road (fundamental analysis) and computer-generated predictions. We took a look at the current state of affairs and made some predictions for the future, based on the opinions of experts and historical trends.

In conclusion, predicting Bitcoin’s price is no easy feat. But by understanding the forces at play, we can make informed predictions and be better prepared for its future movements. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, it’s important to keep an eye on Bitcoin’s price and make decisions that align with your goals and risk tolerance. After all, it’s your money. And who knows, maybe you’ll be able to solve the mystery of Bitcoin’s price after all.

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