EOS Prediction 2024 – 2025: Winner or Loser?

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Last Updated: 22 March, 2024

EOS price prediction monitor with graphs

Predicting EOS for the next few years is a difficult question. It is among the top 100 token in the crypto market and is based on an interesting blockchain. Will it be enough to drive the price up in the coming years, or will EOS be one of the long-term losers?

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The Methodology Behind Our EOS Forecast

Our EOS price predictions are based on our analysis of multiple key factors driving its performance.

  1. We examine the technical progress and innovations in EOS’s ecosystem, and evaluate how they impact its utility and scalability. New partnerships secured by EOS are taken into the big picture.
  2. These collaborations show EOS’s growing integration into broader financial and retail sectors. We conduct a fundamental analysis of EOS’s supply and demand dynamics and underlying economic principles governing its market behavior.
  3. The competitors are well considered, assessing EOS’s positioning relative to rivals like Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot and Tezos.
  4. Our forecasts are also influenced by the current market trends and macroeconomic conditions that impact EOS’s price in the short and long term.

Our EOS prediction for 2024 – 2027


The information provided here does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other type of advice, and the user should not consider the content of the page as such. We do not recommend buying, selling or holding any cryptocurrency. Before making any investment decisions, you should conduct your own due diligence and consult your financial advisor.

Year Conservative (€) Moderate (€) Optimistic (€)
2024 0.87 1 1.25
2025 1 1.25 2.60
2026 1.25 2.60 6.50
2027 2.60 6.50 12.50

EOS Price Forecast for 2024

Conservative Price: €0,87
Moderate Price: €1
Optimistic Price: €1.25

Future of EOS 2025

Conservative Price: €1
Moderate Price: €1.25
Optimistic Price: €2.60

EOS Price Predictions for 2026

Conservative Price: €1.25
Moderate Price: €2.60
Optimistic Price: €6.50

EOS Prediction 2027

Conservative Price: €2.60
Moderate Price: €6.50
Optimistic Price: €12.50

As shown above, there are many arguments for a potential increase in the EOS price. But what does this mean for the long-term EOS price?

Below you can find an overview of the price factors we consider.

EOS: the fundamentals of the system

To make a meaningful prediction about EOS, one must first look at the product and the team that created it. EOS is the product of software developer Block.one. It was founded in 2017. This makes EOS a relatively young cryptocurrency. Essentially, CTO Dan Larimer, who also founded the cryptocurrency projects Steemit and BitShares, is responsible for the development. With its features and goals, the platform is in direct competition with smart contract platforms such as Ethereum, Tezos and Cardano.

All three are well-known players in the cryptocurrency industry and thus pose a serious threat to the development of EOS. The ICO of EOS is worth mentioning. The application process took a whole year. However, this was a rather unusual period. The EOS system also differs from other platforms in other respects:

  1. High transaction speed: the EOS blockchain can process around 50,000 transactions per second without charging direct fees.
  2. EOS cannot be obtained through mining, but can be purchased directly. Its upper limit is 1 billion coins.
  3. Management by downstream token holders.
  4. EOS offers its own smart contracts.

EOS predictions: key factors

To make a correct assessment and prediction, the following information can be useful. These factors also apply to all cryptocurrencies:

  • Acceptance by users: the more users and, more importantly, dApp EOS developers, the more the currency will gain in value. Since there is a fixed upper limit, more users mean more demand. The EOS system strives to be user-friendly. The Block.One project has even developed an appealing method to teach people interested in creating dApps and EOS games. Looking at dAppRadar.com’s ranking, EOS and TRON dApps are the ones with the most user activity. Ethereum, on the other hand, has only one dApp in the top 10.
  • Important developments: the EOS system has many plans for the future. These include the implementation of block-to-block communication, resource sharing and the implementation of a cluster from the Phase 5 roadmap. These developments would be important for EOS and could mean a market advantage. The problem, however, is that there are no set dates for the introduction of all these new features. However, without a date, it is unlikely to have an impact on the EOS price prediction.
  • Competition: as a platform for dApps and smart contracts, EOS is directly comparable to Ethereum, Tezos or Cardano. Compared to the flagship Ethereum, EOS is distinguished by higher transaction throughput and lower transaction fees.

EOS prediction for 2022 – 2026:

Making a prediction on cryptocurrency price trends is not an exact science and is certainly not guaranteed to work. The cryptocurrency market is probably one of the most volatile markets. Many factors play a role and unpredictable events and even rumours can influence the price trend of EOS. Predictions for EOS are particularly difficult.

After all, the cryptocurrency is very young, so it is difficult to develop a meaningful analysis based on historical values. EOS is currently in the top 20 in terms of market capitalisation and is therefore very popular. EOS’s direct competitors are well-known and established cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Tezos. However, this does not make EOS’s struggle any easier. The uncertainty is also reflected in the assessments of experts and analysts:
Walletinvestor: This analysis shows that EOS could theoretically collapse in the long term. The downward trend is expected to continue until 2020. EOS is seen here as a risky long-term investment.
CoinNewsTelegraph: How things look in 2020 depends on how EOS will continue to develop. If EOS is able to attract more dApp developers to its platform, it could continue its positive trend next year. It could then reach a price of $20. However, on the other hand, the cost factor is an obstacle: according to CoinNewsTelegraph, running dApps on EOS is too expensive, which discourages developers. Until the company finds a permanent solution to this problem, EOS cannot develop further. Experts indulge in estimates up to 2025. The five-year forecast seems positive, provided that the cost problem described above is solved. EOS could then undergo price changes similar to those of Ethereum, but much more slowly. The price of EOS would then be $500.
CoinSwitch: Here, the outlook for EOS is generally positive. This assessment is particularly based on technological developments. According to CoinSwitch.io, EOS is technologically more advanced than Ethereum or even Bitcoin, which allows it to develop at a faster pace. The five-year predictions are positive. EOS is expected to cost around USD 107. The strong price growth in the coming years is justified by the increasing utility rate and global adoption of EOS. What are other potential cryptocurrency projects and which cryptocurrencies are worth keeping an eye on in the near future?

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